New paper on prediction of cognitive and motor outcome of preterm infants using analysis of MR brain images

Our paper “Prediction of cognitive and motor outcome of preterm infants based on automatic quantitative descriptors from neonatal MR brain images” has been published in Scientific Reports. The paper can be downloaded from here.

MSc project

We are looking for an MSc student to work on the functional MRI analysis of premature infants. Details are available here.

PhD thesis defense Jelmer Wolterink

On May 11, Jelmer Wolterink has successfully defended his PhD thesis on Machine learning based analysis of cardiovascular images.

New vacancies

We are looking for two PhD students on deep learning in the analysis of cardiovascular images. For details please follow
this and this links.

Deep Learning workshop at SPIE Medical Imaging 2017

We have co-organized a workshop on deep learning for medical imaging analysis at SPIE Medical Imaging. The slides that we presented at this workshop are now available for download under a CC license.