PhD candidate
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In 2012 Jurica obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computing degree at the University of Zagreb, Croatia (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing). In 2014 he got his Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Technology at the University of Zagreb. His main interest lies in image processing and its application in medical imaging. In 2014 he got the opportunity to be a PhD-candidate at the Image Sciences Institute at UMC Utrecht where his main area of research is calcium scoring of plaque in coronary arteries with phenotype-genotype analysis within CT based lung cancer screening trial.

Current projects:

Cardiovascular phenotype-genotype analysis within a CT based lung cancer screening trial

Papers in conference proceedings

1.J. Šprem, B.D. de Vos, P.A. de Jong, M.A. Viergever, I. Isgum. Classification of coronary artery calcifications according to motion artifacts in chest CT using a convolutional neural network. In: SPIE Medical Imaging, 2017 Abstract | pdf )


1.J. Šprem, B.D. de Vos, R. Vliegenthart, M.A. Viergever, P. A. de Jong, I. Isgum. Increasing the Interscan Reproducibility of Coronary Calcium Scoring by Partial Volume Correction in Low-Dose non-ECG Synchronized CT: Phantom Study. Radiological Society of North America, 2015 ( pdf )