Automatic detection of CVD and osteoporosis in lung cancer screening trials

CT based screening of heavy smokers is designed for early detection of lung cancer, but also offers the possibility to detect multiple other diseases at an early stage. This is especially interesting when the screening images would allow automatic detection of these diseases.

This project is focusing on the automatic detection of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis in lung cancer screening trials. The detection needs to be robust against various acquisition protocols, to allow application of these automatic algorithms to scans acquired in different lung cancer screening trials.

This is a collaborative project between the Image Sciences Institute (ISI), UMC Utrecht and the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG), Radboud University Medical Center.

A section from a CT scan acquired in Dutch-Belgian lung cancer screening trial (NELSON). The image offers the possibility to quantify calcifications in the coronary arteries and in the aorta as signs of cardiovascular disease, as well as analysis of vertebra to detect  early signs of osteoporosis.



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