Quantitative Medical Image Analysis Group

Ivana Išgum
Ivana Išgum

Associate Professor
Group Leader

Welcome to the page of the Quantitative Medical Image Analysis (QIA) group at the Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht.
My group is focusing on the development of algorithms for quantitative analysis of medical images to enable automatic patient risk profiling and prognosis using techniques from the fields of image processing and machine learning. We currently have two areas of application: automatic cardiovascular risk assessment in CT scans, and MRI-based analysis of the developing neonatal brain. We collaborate closely with researchers and radiologists from the Department of Radiology and Medical Genetics on determination of cardiovascular risk, and with neonatologists from the Department of Neonatology on analysis of the neonatal brain.


New vacancies

We are looking for a PhD student and Scientific software engineer on deep learning in the analysis of cardiovascular images. For details please follow this and this links.

New paper on prediction of cognitive and motor outcome of preterm infants using analysis of MR brain images


Our paper “Prediction of cognitive and motor outcome of preterm infants based on automatic quantitative descriptors from neonatal MR brain images” has been published in Scientific Reports. The paper can be downloaded from here.

MSc project


We are looking for an MSc student to work on the functional MRI analysis of premature infants. Details are available here.